Girls Character Education and Mentoring Program

"We help elementary, middle and high school girls become well-balanced, goal-oriented, college-bound, high achieving citizens with a mind to make a positive impact in the community and throughout the world."

The CEO and Founder of eCINAJ understands the importance of a girls character education mentorship program for elementary and secondary school level students. A character education mentorship program for girls will stimulate their desire to set and achieve academic goals; promote healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude towards life; and develop a realization of the need for self-respect as well as respect for authority.

Support System

Janice is partnering with inner city schools to help refine a generation of young ladies in character, education, business and community.

*Personalized Strategies and Solutions Designed To Help Achieve Objectives

* Cultural Arts Entertainment

* Girls Summit/Expo

* Hair & Beauty Spa Retreats

* Entrepreneurship Skills

* Annual Mother/Daughter Empowerment Brunch

eCINAJ will work to develop a working relationship with teachers, parents and students through the establishment of a girls character mentorship program. The program will feature lesson exercises on enhancing self-esteem, setting and achieving goals, dealing with pressures, managing emotions, preventing conflicts and violence, friendship, getting along with parents, becoming responsible and accountable for life choices, etc.


* To help girls develop a winning attitude towards academic achievement.

* To teach girls to journal and schedule daily activities that will include study time.

* To encourage/stimulate a drive for young ladies to set high standards within their social and learning environment for the purpose of creating college-bound as well as an entrepreneurship mindset.

* To expose and inspire girls to participate in cultural arts such as dance, theatre, and music.

* To study and practice etiquette for formal dining and informal dining settings, dress, conversation/speech and posture.

* To teach girls how to address parents, school faculty/staff members and public figures of authority with respect.

* To teach girls how to effectively communicate with peers, school personnel and family whenever attempting to resolve conflicts and express concerns.

* To teach and train girls the importance of practicing good personal hygiene.

* To teach and train girls to make daily affirmations concerning their successes in school, home-life, relationships, community affairs, etc.

* To be supportive and work with teachers to get feedback on the conduct and class performance of girls participating in the eCINAJ mentorship program.

* Develop a respect and appreciation for cultural differences.

Benefits of the Mentorship Program

* Reduce percentages of student dropouts

* Fewer teen pregnancies

* Increase in self-esteem/confidence

* Establish school/business partnerships to support extracurricular activities relative to cultural arts and tutoring programs.

* Increased Parent/Community Involvement

* College-bound Students

* Vocational Training in Excellent Customer Service Skills

* Career Oriented

* Entrepreneurship Mindset

* Smart Money Management Skills

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Janice Peterson


A National Recording Artist on the Tate Music Group Record Label, she took a leap of faith in 2012 and resigned from the Houston Independent School District after 23 years of service to promote her album entitled, “God is Real”, and to form and launch a non-profit organization that she founded and named “eCINAJ”. Janice has served in various areas of the community including the church. She is commonly called, “Many Hats” because she does it all, and tops it off with a heart-warming smile. She’s a teacher, preacher, ordained pastor, intercessor, worship psalmist, an independent recording artist, songwriter, good character education mentor and life skills coach, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an overall community servant. Janice has served as a volunteer mentor and life skills coach at the Mission of Yahweh (a transitional living facility for women and children) in May 2008 – October 2012. She served as the Minister of the Worship and Arts Department and functioned as an ordained pastor at Impact Kingdom Center Church – Houston, Texas under the leadership of Apostle G. Emerson Scott, Senior Pastor. Janice’s mission is to produce women and young girls of character and to help them realize their God-given potential. She is a motivator and an encourager. She helps women and young girls to confront and conquer fears stemming from low self-esteem that work to prevent most individuals from realizing their dreams. She served in an afterschool grant-funded program formed by the Harris County Department of Education called CASE (Cooperative for Afterschool Enrichment). During her tenure in the CASE AmeriCorps program she taught Space Science, Robotics, Forensic Science, and Entrepreneurship curriculums to students in Aldine ISD and Houston ISD schools. In particular, she taught and prepared students at Stehlik Intermediate for the Annual HP (Hewlitt Packard) Robotics Competition in 2015. Her students won 3rd place. Janice has worked with girls and single mothers in apartment communities located in Houston. The latest of her philanthropy work includes a project where she and a colleague launched a transitional enrichment pilot program in a Northeast Harris County low-income apartment community known as Haverstock Hills. There she coordinated character education and healthy self-esteem workshops for the women and girls. She continues to work with women and girls throughout the city of Houston.