At ​e'CINAJ We Love Our Jewels!

Jewels are precious stones that are to be genuinely nurtured and admired. Our young ladies are called Jewels because they are precious to us and our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are nurtured and equipped to be all that you were created to be.

Through e'CINAJ our Jewels will experience the following:

  • Leadership Development
  • Self Esteem Workshops
  • Etiquette Classes
  • College Preparation
  • Career Exploration
  • Community Service Projects
  • Mentor Jewels Members
  • Social Networking and Safety
  • Maintaining and Preserving Morals and Standards
  • Fostering Leadership
  • Embracing Inner and Outer Beauty
  • Health and Fitness

"The most important thing that a girl wears is her confidence." #beconfident #beyou

We Want to Know Our e'CINAJ Jewels

As an e'CINAJ Jewel we want to know more about you. This organization is about mentoring our young ladies, but we also plan to have some FUN! We would like to know some of your favorite things as we create events throughout the year. Also the last box is very important because we have expectations of you, but we also would like to know what you expect from e'CINAJ. Our team is very excited that you are here and we cannot wait to embrace and mentor you.

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